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• 3D modeling and animation with Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox and Zbrush.

• Rigging in 3DS Max and Maya of Bipeds, Quadrupeds, Winged Creatures and Environmental Objects .

• Game Engines such as Unreal Engine, Hero Engine, Playstation Home, Vicious Engine, Torque and Paper Vision.

• UI/UX design in an intuitive, stylish and accessible manner.

• Illustration, both digital and traditional in many styles with an emphasis on gesture and weight. 

• Video Editing in Final Cut Pro, Premier and After Effects. 

• Animation using Flash, Director, After Effects and traditional cell animation. 




Total Immersion, Miracle Mile, CA 2009 to 2013

3D Generalist

     • Modeled, textured and rigged characters and hard-surface objects for Augmented Reality applications

     • Created various technical animations

UI/HUD Artist

     • Designed numerous UI and mobile interfaces


Mass Media Games, Moorpark, CA  2010 to 2011 & 2006 to 2007

Technical Artist - Jak and Daxter Collection (PS3)

     • Created pipeline and workflow for uprezzing assets to HD from PS2

     • Acted as liaison between artists and programmers

3D Artist – Numerous Playstation Home items (PS3)

     • Modeled, textured and rigged Companions, Clothing and Props

Technical Artist - Stuntman: Ignition (PS2)

     • Troubleshot, built and tested levels

     • Interfaced between us and original developer

     • Led technical demonstrations teaching employees how to use tools and new methods

3D Artist - Unreleased port of Saints Row (Wii), Unreleased port of The Outfit (PSP)  

     • Modeled, textured and lit high poly and low poly characters, environments, props, vehicles, etc.  


Brainstorm Edventures, Los Angeles, CA   2008

Lead Character Artist - Professor Brainstorm (PC)

     • Modeled and rigged all characters and creatures

     • Developed pipelines to maximize efficiency

     • Wrote scripts to for blend shapes and animation controls etc.


Collision Studios, Venice, CA     2007 

Technical Artist - Brave: A Warrior’s Tale (360/Wii/PSP)

     • Tuned screen effect systems, such as DOF, bloom etc.

Brave: Shaman’s Challenge (DS)

     • Created all art assets and animations

Lead Character Artist - Jumper: Griffin's Revenge (Wii/PS2), Unreleased movie based adventure game (Wii/DS)  

     • Modeled, textured rigged main characters and NPCs 

     • Developed and bug-tested all HUD/UI and rigging/skin, UI and animation pieplines


Jak and Daxter Collection (PS3)

Chicks on the Loose (iOS)

Brave: A Warrior's Tale (Wii/360)

Jumper: Griffin's Revenge (PS2)

Midway 2 (Playstation Home) (PS3)

Professor Brainstorm (PC)

Brave: Shaman’s Challenge (DS)

Stuntman: Ignition (PS2)


Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA    2005

BFA in 3D Modeling, Animation, Drawing, and Sculpture


University of California, Santa Cruz, CA   1995-1998

Art, Typography, Stage Craft, and Music Production